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Press Release


Olympic skateboarding funding still to be be confirmed


Skateboarding, along with the other new Olympic Sports, will have to wait another year to find out how much funding may be available from UK Sport.


The qualification process, format and other rules for Skateboarding in Tokyo 2020 will be confirmed by the International Skateboarding Federation in 2017. After this confirmation we will have a better idea of medal potential.


We will be meeting with UK Sport early in 2017 to develop our strategy and so that both parties can familiarise themselves with each other and create a good working relationship so that we will be in a strong position to send some British skaters to Tokyo.


We are very excited that we have this opportunity to take part in the Olympic Games and are encouraged that UK Sport are supportive of this inclusion and we look forward to working with them in the future.


Independent Directors


As part of our strategic plan and in line with Sport England governance practises for national governing bodies of sport, we are pleased to announce that we are looking to appoint two independent non-executive directors to the Board of Skateboard England.


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Skateboard England Level 1 In Coaching Skateboard Sessions


We are very pleased to announce following a lot of hard work with 1st4Sport and a partnership with Sk8 Safe, the launch of the first ever nationally accredited skateboard coaching course.

The Level 1 Coaching Skateboard Sessions course will be launched in January 2016 with course delivery by Sk8 Safe from early March 2016.

The qualification is designed to provide a benefit to skaters on the basis that it prepares them for employment as a Session Coach in skateboarding. Following the course you will be able to plan, deliver and evaluate individual skateboarding sessions in order to increase participation within the sport. In attending the qualification, learners are introduced to the practical and theoretical aspects of planning, delivering and evaluating coaching sessions in skateboarding in a safe environment, whether that’s in skateparks, schools or the community.  

Further information and details of how to book on the course will be available shortly.


Skateboard England has been created at an exciting time for Skateboarding.


The directors of Skateboard England are delighted to announce that following two years of hard work, the governing body for skateboarding in England was formed on Friday 18th September 2015 with its first AGM and Board Meeting.


This represents a huge step forward for the sport as it looks to help increase participation and support the creation of better facilities in this exciting time.


The aims of Skateboard England are to manage, support, develop and promote skateboarding in England, increase participation, develop a coaching and judging pathway, create and support a sustainable and robust competition structure at all levels in conjunction with existing competitions and stimulate international interest in English skateboarding through the development of world-class facilities and skaters.


Lucy Adams, chair of Skateboard England said "we are very excited about setting up the governing body and the potential we have to grow the sport as we look to the future."


Skateboard England has been recognised by the World Skateboarding Federation as the national governing body of skateboarding in England and is working towards official recognition by Sport England.


Tim McFerran of the World Skateboarding Federation said "The World Skateboarding Federation, a governing body for skateboarding is proud to have Skateboard England as a part of WSF. Skateboard England is a natural choice to look after and develop the sport as well as prepare England for a future Olympics and they will receive our full support."


For more information please contact:


James Hope-Gill, CEO of Skateboard England





Formed in September 2015, Skateboard England is a not-for-profit organisation that is taking experience from the past and inspiration from the present to enhance and support the future of Skateboarding in England.


Skateboard England is a democratic membership organisation working towards recognition by Sport England.


Skateboard England has been recognised by the World Skateboarding Federation (WSF) as the national governing body of skateboarding in England.